tricksWhen I first set out with this blog, I really thought I might do more “How to” posts. But, as I got into it more and really thought about how I might best help people, I realized that things move fast and that tactics we are using today may not (and probably won’t) work tomorrow. By the time me or anyone else are teaching you the “How To’s”, those techniques are probably already waning in effectiveness–it’s too late for them to be of much use to anyone else.

The truth is, there are tons of resources that teach the technical aspects of what we do, but they all leave this part out­–tricks are just that, tricks. There is no magic in these techniques and many of the people packaging them up and selling them as a magic bullet are simply professional tricksters. They spend all their time finding the next vulnerability or loophole they can exploit and yes, they can drive traffic, get followers, etc. But, in the end what is that worth if they are only numbers, only temporary and don’t create the real affinities and connections we need for building sustainable relationships with people.

Left with that reality, there is only one option–be the creator of your own approaches. How? By letting your principles drive which techniques you choose vs. forcing yourself into boxes in which you simply don’t belong. What does this mean? To start, it means, sharing from the knowledge you value most. Being genuine (I mean really genuine) and selfless. Allow yourself to be vulnerable–never holding back out of fear (neither of embarrassment or that someone might steal your “unique” idea).  You see, it turns out there is no “secret sauce” after all, other than letting these concepts drive your techniques–not the other way around–use your magic, skip the tricks.

As each tip and trick comes and goes. As the algorithms get better and as we collectively get wiser as an audience, the only truly effective things left are truth, honesty and value. There will always be those willing to trade short-term gains at the risk of their brand and personal reputation, but for those of us wanting to build something real and honest; those of us willing to be vulnerable for the sake of building it–that is never an option.

If you live and communicate this consistently and honestly, you will connect with the right people at the right time. I won’t promise it will bring you tons of fame and fortune or make your products fly off the shelf overnight. I also can’t promise you a million followers in 30 days. What I can promise is that the connections you form will be honest and deep and will matter. From that place you may find that you far exceed your original goals and expectations–from that place, you may learn to trust that anything is possible–and to me, that is magic!

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