not_heavyIf you sit and visualize the times folks have helped you out when you were really in need; or, count out the times friends/loved ones/strangers carried you when you couldn’t quite muster up the strength or resources to carry yourself; remember each time someone spoke truth to you when others were afraid or simply didn’t care enough to bother. What do you see/think/feel?

If you don’t have many instances of this then good for you, but when I reflect, I recall lots. I have had moments of immense weakness, made major missteps and ended up in danger or dire straits a bit more than I sometimes care to admit (even to myself). So, what I see, is a huge pile of good that folks piled in my corner. Sometimes it is hard for us to see it or remember it’s there (especially if it was filling in holes in our lives). Now think about this–how many of those people asked for a single thing in return?

So, what do we do with all that good when we find ourselves in a position of surplus? How about trying to heap as much onto others as possible? Are things going good for you? Use your position of strength to help someone in need–while your load is lighter, help others carry theirs. Ask folks if they need your help.

Even if you aren’t exactly “where you want to be” in your life and with your goals, there are always ways to give to others. Volunteer, smile at your neighbor, invite someone into your conversation at a gathering, do something, anything to pay back some of that good. The little things can mean so much. By always putting forth that effort, you will build a community of like-minded people.

Who knows, you may be able to help each other rise up together, even if it’s just a little at a time. And, over time, that can amount to real strides toward progress–whatever your goals.

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