WordPress Maintenance Plan

Updates, Backups, Security & Support

Let our experienced team take care of your website’s basic updates, maintenance, backups and security, so you don’t have to.

Update WordPress, Themes & Plugins
We’re here to safely update your WordPress website, plugins, and themes. We also support upgrade compatibility to ensure your site stays online.

Backups to Protect Your Digital Assets
A site is only as good as its last backup. Our team will backup your WordPress website on a schedule that’s right for you and keep a copy off-site for safekeeping.

Monitoring, Security & Support
Uptime monitoring and security scans allow us to know immediately when something’s wrong with your site, so we can start fixing it right away.

Protection you need starting at $99/mo

Included in all Plans

WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates
One of our experienced developers will personally update your core WordPress installation, plugins and themes. We will make sure your website is backed up before updating and offer full support you if there are any issues.

Scheduled Website Backups
Have peace of mind knowing your website is backup daily or weekly, and that your content is always protected from loss. Backups may be stored on-site and or off-site for safe-keeping. We will maintain a 60-day backup archive for your entire website & database.

Security Monitoring & Cleanup
Your site will be safe and secure using the world’s top malware monitoring and cleanup software. Every week our team will scan your WordPress website for malware, viruses, security threats and other potential problems. We then backup the entire website & database to ensure if something goes wrong we can quickly fix the problem and get your website back up and running!

Compatibility Support
Have you ever updated WordPress, a theme, or a plugin and found out that something is broken? We include at least 1, 2 or 3 hours of compatibility support depending on the plan you choose.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Cancel Anytime
All WordPress Protection Packages are “Month to Month”, you can cancel anytime by simply sending an email to admin@elementfive.com, our extremely helpful support team will take care of the rest. No hassles, no catch. Your success is our success. It’s that simple.


Common Questions


How do I get my login information to you?
if you are a new client, one of our team members will contact you in less than 24-hours after you register to finish the setup of your account.

What happens if something breaks during an update?
WordPress is a powerful open source CMS (Content Management System), so it is more than just a website, it is a fairly complex web application driven by multiple 3rd Party themes and plugins. This allows for highly functional user managed websites at a fraction of the cost, but can also lead to conflicts that might “break” your site. This is rare, but occasionally happens.

If it does, we will try to fix it using the Compatibility Support Hours included in your plan. If we can’t fix the issue within that time, we will rollback your website to the latest known compatible backup and contact you with recommendations and an estimate for fixing the issue.

How do I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime by contacting us via the website (https://elementfive.com).

What if I have multiple sites?
Sign up for the first site and contact us upon your account setup regarding the other websites you would like to protect. If you have 5 or more sites that require our service, please contact us now.

Have more questions? We have answers!
Email our sales team with your name and phone number and we will call you to go over any other questions you may have.


Additional Plan Details


1. “Compatibility Support” means development time to be used only for issues arising from regular maintenance updates and cannot be used or reallocated for the purpose of adding new features, functions or content to the existing site/theme/platform. The hours included in your plan are on a “use or lose” basis and do not “roll over” or accumulate.

2. “Content Updates” means text and content changes made within the existing theme and templates of the existing site. It does not include any changes requiring additional html/css/php coding to alter core theme or templates. If such changes are required, we will provide an estimate (at our standard development rate of $150/hr) for approval based on your specs. 

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