The day after the winter solstice – I love this day! The idea that we have experienced our darkest days and that from here on out things will get brighter always fills me with such hope and joy. And, I need that hope – this year more than any other year of my life. I mean, as years go, it has been a real fucking doozy in terms of darkness!


Despite all the violence, hatred, misinformation, willful ignorance and the sheer death and destruction that increased the world over. Despite the loss of so many beautiful souls who shined their light through the darkness for so many of us. Despite the rise to power of some of the most sinister people and policies we have seen in our lifetime – I still remain hopeful…


How? Why? Because, this very same year, I have also witnessed and experienced immeasurable acts of love, kindness, generosity, sacrifice, dedication and compassion. I have seen, up close and personally and experienced what the process of forgiveness and redemption is and looks like. I have been privileged to know and meet so many light bringers; beautiful, passionate, selfless human beings that act as beacons for all of us while they fight (often with great personal risk and sacrifice) to bring and shine more light into our dark world.


Most importantly, I myself have better learned and understood in this past year that we all have the potential and opportunity to bring more light to this world; that the smallest flicker of light brings immense hope, even in the face of an infinite magnitude of darkness. And, that your light combined with others can create a movement that can always outshine the darkness. Is there a risk? Most certainly, but the risk of inaction is much greater – especially to the most vulnerable amongst us. So, if you are a person of any sort of conscience at all, I hope you will consider, and accept as I have, that it is your duty to pick up a torch, to be that flicker, no matter how small; because now more than ever we need your light.

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