Branding is a passion — scratch that – an obsession of mine. I talk about it a lot with clients, my wife, my friends, my vendors, neighbors, the UPS guy, telemarketers and anyone else who wants to listen. I apply branding solutions to things people don’t typically think of as brand-related problems. Since I recently started putting those thoughts and discussions into blog form, I realized it might be a good idea to talk about where brands come from…

No, there is no brand stork and a real brand is not something we marketers can sell you – despite what some of my peers might say. A brand isn’t something only large companies have or need to worry about. Big or small, company or individual, your brand is already here and it needs your attention.

Your brand came into existence the first time you thought up your business, the first time you scribbled the name on a napkin or sketched out a prototype. It was born out of that passion, innovation and inspiration. You manifested it into existence – whether you acknowledge it or not. It is up to you whether you take control of your brand and shape it into something that reflects the true nature of the passion that bore it. You can ignore it or half-heartedly tend to it, but like it or not, it will still be there and can still determine the ultimate success of you or your business.

As marketers, designers, copywriters, etc. we don’t create a brand for you, we take what already exists and make it better. When we are good, we guide you through the process of harnessing, refining and nurturing your brand in a way that allows others to share your passion. When we are at our very best, we get to see a brand transcend all of our expectations and take on a life all its own.

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