How long will it take to get 1000 followers; how about 100,000?

What headline is best for SEO and click-through rate?

What can I write about to generate more web traffic?

How do I turn web traffic into sales?

What should my landing page look like to get more people to buy or
give me their email address?

How can I leverage social media to get more sales?

These are the wrong questions to ask, instead ask yourself:

What can I give that people will value?

How can I make real connections with new people?

How do I deepen the connections with the ones I already know?

How can I help and contribute?

How do I put others before myself–even better, how can I serve others?

Why am I the right person to solve this problem?

How can I get better at what I do and increase the effectiveness of my contribution?

Being more mindful of giving rather than taking serves everyone best (including you). It may require you to sacrifice some short-term gains. It may feel counterintuitive at times. It will probably take a lot longer than you wish it did. Oh, and by the way, it won’t be easy–not by a long shot. It takes a leap of faith…

Still reading? Good–because, it’s the best way to ensure that what you build won’t be torn apart during the next “terms of use” change or algorithm “tweak”. More importantly, it’s the only way to build things that count for something, to do work that leaves you fulfilled, to provide value that is incomparable, and before too long, it will be the only thing that actually works.

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