best-kind-of-storytellerThe best kind of storyteller knows her audience and tells them riveting tales that pertain to their lives, dreams, ambitions and even their fears. She doesn’t need to convince them that they want to hear her story, she has them hooked at “Once Upon a Time…”. She does this, not only by speaking in a language/accent/vernacular they can instantly relate to, but also by exuding an honesty and authenticity that is undeniable and irresistible.

As she spins her tale, she uses everyday imagery, metaphors and plain, unassuming speech to paint the perfect picture in the listener’s mind and connects to them on a deep and personal level. So deep in fact, that it often feels subconscious or innate to both the storyteller and the listener. Her passion for the story is animated, almost manic as she sucks you into the world she has created just for you (and those like you). The words chosen to tell the story are irrelevant, the place those words come from is everything–their history, their motivations, their intent. These are the things we feel before we think about what she is saying-our mind made up to listen before our ego even gets a vote in the matter.

The master storyteller understands not to tell her story to just anyone, but only to those whose permission has been secured and that will relate to and benefit from it. The discipline in this is immense for someone who was born to tell stories–the temptation to tell everyone she sees is strong. But it is the only way it can be–otherwise it is just talking without purpose. It is telling a story that serves only the teller –and how many of us need to hear any more of those?

Marketing is storytelling. Your listeners aren’t stats to be counted; they are souls to be connected with-not just for your sake but for the sake of everyone that your story gathers together and reaches. The amount of words spoken or the volume they are spoken at doesn’t make your story better or more heard. It’s the way it makes the listener feel connected to you as the teller and to the others listening that makes your story one that people listen to, remember and share.

A good story will spread like wildfire, but for this to happen your history has to be authentic, your motivation, to benefit all that hear it and your intentions pure.

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