On September 13th we hosted this lunch and learn event at our office:

Leading with Empathy: The Way Forward for Modern Changemakers

Leading from the heart is the true path forward for creating change. Sustaining empathy as we lead requires attention. Awareness of how you engage is your superpower. Learn a framework for leading through crisis and difficult situations. In a fast-paced and competitive world, a wise leader recognizes sustaining self in the face of conflict is not a luxury but a key to thriving.

Workshop lead by: Shannon Weber, MSW

Shannon Weber starts revolutions. She teaches others to thrive at the intersection of empathy & resilience. A serial social entrepreneur, Shannon led the launch of four thriving public health initiatives:

HIVEonline.orgPleasePrEPMe.orgPleasePrEPMe.global, and GettingtoZeroSF.org.

As founder of LoveYou2.org
, she’s on a mission to change the world one love note at a time.

You can see the replay here, please enjoy and share it. Also, give us feedback – we are always trying to keep improving this Meetup:


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