out-in-the-coldI am in New Jersey/New York this week on business and it is sooooooo cold! I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, I grew up in the area and I read that it was going to be “dangerously” cold while I was here. Still, It felt much colder than I had imagined. To add to this, on the first day I found myself especially unprepared, as my hat and gloves were siting in my living room, forgotten in 70 degree San Francisco.

This is often what can happen when we build making assumptions about what we dream and design without first testing those assumptions. Once it gets out into the world with real people using it, some (or even all) of our assumptions just don’t check out.

Similar to my cold, red hands and ears, our untested assumptions leave us exposed to disappointment of our audience/clients. And, much like me with my missing hat and gloves, we can find ourselves ill-prepared to do anything about it before the damage is done.

Stay warm out there…

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