Dean Bardouka

CEO/Managing Partner
(and his Daughter Maryam)

Dean Bardouka is honest (almost to a fault), with a curiosity that sometimes gets him into trouble – and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He is passionate about storytelling, branding and marketing and, as an owner of a certified B Corp, is obsessed with how they can be leveraged to support movements for social justice and equality. He loves meeting new people more than just about anything else and talking with folks about using business to change the world for the better.

When he isn’t tinkering on Element Five you can find him tinkering with his vintage Italian scooters, digging for 60’s soul and reggae records or working with one of his favorite non-profits. Most of his home life is spent engaged in stimulating conversation with his brilliant partner Cynthia or trying to match wit with his very spirited nine year old, Maryam – which rarely works out in his favor.

If you ever meet him in person, don’t be surprised if he invites you out for coffee (he really loves coffee) to talk about any of the subjects mentioned above or something else entirely – you just can’t be sure…

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